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The Digital Marketing Association points out that 66% of customers buy the product due to an email marketing message. In addition, a McKinsey report indicates that email is 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined in helping businesses reach new customers. Email marketing is swift, affordable, highly promising, and the ultimate relationship and brand-building tool. It allows your customers to invariably engage with you and your products, implying precisely what they desire in the data you gather from their behavior. No other approach compares to holding the conversation going between you and your audience, and we’ll power and sustain this integral dialogue.
The key to successful email marketing is understanding your audience’s needs. Working by your side, our role as your Email Marketing agency is to utilize your existing customer data to create bespoke nurturing sequences which speak to your customer at every stage of their journey.
Our sophisticated techniques enable us to pinpoint each customer’s position on their decision tree. Whether they need more time to research or are itching to convert, together, we will create a journey to develop their interest and power the return both you and they crave.

Staying Ahead in Email Marketing

The email marketer has to be updated for the best use of the practice of Email Marketing and to develop the best strategy. The Email marketer has to be updated about even minute market changes and the various digital marketing channels, available technologies, and the ever-changing preferences of consumers.
Targeting the desired audience is the first challenge. The significant problems in getting new clients are representing the target customer part and choosing the most acceptable method to build a customer base in that target part. Underestimating enhancing email personalization is another challenge of email marketing. If the marketer takes it seriously, then email marketing can be done efficiently. Many marketers are using email marketing automation tools to help alleviate the challenges of email personalization. However, they are incompetent to source the correct data for precise personalization and lack the right automation tools required to personalize statements for their targeted audience segment.
Ultimately, we all are familiar with the technology that brings new challenges and benefits. Still, with the right skill, marketers can adapt to the changing technology, and the challenges can easily be overcome.

Types of Email Marketing Campaigns

Welcome email

Welcome email is the very first email a user receives when they confirm their sign up on your site. These emails have to be made and set in place beforehand and don’t need to be changed afterwards.

Promotional emails

These are the regular email marketing campaigns that must be made with precision of user interest to maintain a regular engagement and a relationship to be more concrete. These include showing regular products or services in emails.

Transactional emails

Transactional emails are different from regular email marketing campaigns. They are generated automatically and are set predefined. They trigger when a user interacts with website content mostly i.e someone registers on your site, sending an order receipt, confirm subscription details etc.

Abandoned Cart/Checkout

As the name indicates these abandoned cart emails are the ones that user receives once they leave your site having placed something in the cart but didn’t purchase anything. These are also called remarketing emails and tend to increase the overall sales to almost 38%. We can give coupons or discount in these emails to bring back the customer.

Sales emails

The purpose of sales emails are to target any sales event running on your website. They show discounts, coupons or are being sent according to users needs and previous interactions. They can be event oriented or general in purpose.

Feedback emails

Feedback emails are necessary to have the customers review on the products/services they bought from you. These emails improve customers engagement and also gives you the opportunity to overcome any issues.