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Website Desinging

We offer professional web design services at affordable rates to help your business attract more visitors and keep them on your site! More than beautiful design, we build websites with a complete strategy designed to turn your site visitors into customers.

Indeed, website design plays a vital role in achieving business aims and desires. However, if the website is not up to the standard parameter, then the possibility of getting out of the market competition is higher. So, the website's design should not be taken lightly, and you have to pay equal attention as you pay to others.

Digi Strikers is a foremost website design company with a top-class design team that creates creative, influential websites that seize the attention of the audience of the brand. It also improves your conversion rates and maximizes your income to help develop the business and achieve the purpose of our customers. Our company created a masterful design, invested the time to understand our business and audience, and delivered a well-thought-out plan in very little time.

Our web designing Services offers following services

  • 1. Uniqueness, creativity, and involvement
  • 2. Customer requirements
  • 3. Attraction to your target audience
  • 4.Innovative & Responsive web designing

Responsive Website Desinging

The website design service also includes responsive design benefits from using a responsive website. Our website designing services also offer the option of responsive design. However, we recommend responsive design because it supports mobile users, which can consist of shoppers using their tablets or smartphone to browse the web.

With more than 50 per cent of the Internet's traffic coming from mobile users, it's imperative to provide support for users on the go. It's also best practice for SEO, as Google now follows a mobile-first index, meaning it crawls and views websites from the perspective of a mobile user, not a desktop user.

A responsive website should be user-friendly and also support mobile users. Besides, Google noticed that and revised the website's ranking in search results. That can lead to a lower ranking, pushing your site to page two of search results and away from your target audience. We prevent that from happening to your company with our responsive design option.

In summary, the benefits of choosing responsive design for your website include:

Cost effectiveness
Improved user experience
Search engine optimization gains
Ease of management

Result-Driven Web Design Process

Strategy Planning

Digistrikers is a company that helps industry-leading assistance and support functions set their strategic plans, enhance functional efficiency and drive world-class levels of implementation while improving customer satisfaction and commitment. Our company will inspect reaction and resolution duties, delivery needs, value-added elements, and the economics of providing offerings solely based on your market segment.

Development Phase

It is the major phase in the life process of a new enterprise. The development phase is the end-to-end procedure of evolving and launching a new service that has to be later sold to consumers. In this phase, a company focus on establishing itself via some actions such as market analysis, service strategy, user experience, marketing, functions, and the takeoff of a new service.

Design Phase

The project design phase is the foremost step where a project's essential segments, design, standards for achievement, and primary deliverables are all decided. The purpose is to generate one or more designs that can be utilized to accomplish the chosen project objectives. Digistrikers know the significance of the Design phase, which is why we pay a detailed view on this phase.

QA & Testing

Quality assurance or QA & testing is the methodology of assuring that your development is one of the highest possible qualities for your customers. QA is the procedure used to seclude problems with your software product or service and assure a great consumer experience for your users. With Digi strikers, you can get the QA & Testing service and the development that is hard to find in the market.

Website Launch

Launching a website is the second last stage where the website has completed all its initial steps, and now it's ready to launch in the market between the users. Finally, it is the stage where you are all set to tell the world about your internet accomplishments. Indeed, there are a lot of shifting elements when you are on the scene to launch a new website, which is why Digi Strikers take all the responsibility to effectively and efficiently launch your product in the market.

Website Promotion

It is the stage where you have to tell the market about launching your web development and highlight its benefits by introducing your new product. Digistrikers know the significance of website promotion, and that is why it helps our client and its product get maximum attention from the targeted segment of customers. Therefore, it is the primary objective of website promotion.